About Us


Welcome to JB3 Logistics, your number one source for quality freight brokering services for Shippers, Owner Operators, and Fleet Owners.  

Founded by Breyanna Booker in Indianapolis, IN., JB3 Logistics started from humble beginnings after learning of the challenges shippers and carriers encountered when acquiring and transporting freight. Ms. Booker recognized this opportunity and used her experience in the trucking industry to create her own freight brokerage company.


Colleagues Working in Office

Professionalism & Dependability

We're dedicated to providing you the best broker service and solutions for your trucking business.  Our goal is to ensure professionalism and dependability by maintaining a positive rapport between dispatchers, carriers, and shippers. We process all paperwork and invoices, and manage all calls between the brokers and shippers.

Customer Service

Quality Costumer Service

Excellent customer service allows your business to operate effortlessly saving you time and money.  As a shipper or carrier you will receive quality care with 24/7 direct access to your freight broker; no forced business; clear and detailed reporting; and up-to-date information.